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 Zibo guansheng chemical co., ltd. is a private science and technology enterprises, has a number of high, intermediate science and technology personnel, with strong research and innovation and technical support capabilities, is a collection of scientific research, development, production, sales as one of the professional pharmaceutical intermediates production enterprises.

The main products of the company are: N,N'- dicyclic carbon diimine (DCC),N,N'- diisopropyl carbon diimine (DIC), etc.

Zibo guansheng chemical co. LTD

Contact: manager gao

Contact number: 86-0533-5887828

Fax number: 86-0533-5887829

Mobile phone number: 13581018111

Web site: www.hongsugou.com

Company address: longquan industrial park, zibo city, shandong province, China

  • N,N’-二環已基碳二亞胺
  • DIC
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